New version of Twitter On Website

Hi there, we proudly launch a new version of Twitter on Website with a new social plugin Twitter Website Box


User avatar and follow button

New plugin displays in header three items to identify tweeter user:

  • user avatar
  • user name
  • interactive follow button
Both, user avatar and name are linking to user’s twitter account.


Followers counter and faces

Twitter faces box displays followers count number and from 1 to 7 rows of followers faces with twitter identity.

Both, avatars and nicknames are linking to followers twitter accounts.


Tweets feed with slim scroll

You can also display feed with plugin. In new version we removed number of tweets to show and display maximum 10 tweets with slim scroll if needed.

Tweets dates are linked directly to twitter status. Also all links in message are clickable.


Our old plugin is not available but old scripts are redirected to the new website plugin.